Welcome to Ananda Retreat Villas in Santorini!

Have you ever considered spending your holidays in Santorini in a spot known only by selected few? You will still get to enjoy the stunning caldera views but from a secluded spot on the island that feels like it was created just for you. This is a really warm welcome to Ananda Retreat, a complex of 2 villas in the caldera of Megalochori with relaxing facilities such as an exclusive swimming pool, privacy and a range of activities at a close distance.

A splendid accommodation retreat!

Some people say that the view to the caldera, the volcano and the sunset is much better from Megalochori. We are not going to argue on the best caldera spot, as it is magnificent wherever you are located. But imagine enjoying the greatness of Santorini at your very own private swimming pool, or the sunset as you are relaxing in the loungers or the beautifully appointed outdoors of Ananda Retreat Villas.

Authentic architecture, two villas that host up to 4 guests each with spacious swimming pools in a spot where all the secrets and the beauty of Santorini unveil in every glimpse that you take. Make your way to an unforgettable holiday experience, a breath-taking retreat; a retreat offered by the Ananda Retreat Villas in Santorini!

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